115g Tides In – Biodegradable Bag

115g Tides In – Biodegradable Bag

115g Tides In – Biodegradable Bag


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“Lazy Day Coffee” medium/dark roast Brazilian coffee. Available as 115g freshly roasted whole beans or ground (your choice of grind).

The Dulce is a single estate coffee from the Ipanema Estate in the municipality of Alfenas, in the Brazil region of Minas Gerais, in the south east.

It is a natural processed coffee- which means after picking it is just left to dry until the fleshy pulp of the cherry dries up and falls off, rather than following milling and washing. The results in a cup that is slightly heavier, but also sweeter. With the dulce it is harvested very late in the season, after the cherry has started to dry, allowing for a sweetened, ripe dimension.

The coffee is rainforest alliance certified.

It is one of the largest employers in the area, with above pay, and a strong volume of worker benefits: free distribution of soy milk, food staples, a medical plan, transportation and lodging.

Of its 2,200 hectares of land, 70% are used for producing coffee, while the remaining 30% comprises reserves and protected forest areas. It also cultivates a sustainable harvest of Eucalyptus trees, but purely to aid in the coffee drying, and not as a timber crop.




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Whole Beans, Coarse Grind (cafetiere), Fine Grind (Aeropress/Espresso)